Composite Test & Evaluation Services

Specimen Preparation and Conditioning

Manufacturing of specimens can be time consuming and costly. CTE offers a specimen manufacturing service that will ensure high quality specimen preparation, allowing your employees to carry out more value-added tasks.

Our service includes:

  • Machining of laminates
  • End tabbing
  • Measurement of specimens
  • Conditioning in hot/wet environments
  • Fluid immersion

CTE’s extensive experience enables us to manufacture the highest quality coupons and “your results are only as good as the specimens you test!”

Testing Services

We offer a range of testing:

  • Static
  • Fatigue
  • Thermal
  • On-Receipt/Re-Life
  • Fracture Toughness

Please refer to the individual Web Pages for further details.

Material Qualification Services

Our qualification service offers the comprehensive management and execution of your testing requirements. This service includes multiple batch testing - including everything from machining and preparation of specimens, conditioning of specimens and testing of coupons, to the detailed analysis and reporting of the results.

If CTE is unable to perform all your testing in house, then we can arrange for certain speciality testing to be outsourced to a trusted Lab. Allowing you to deal with CTE as a single point of contact for all your testing requirements.

Bespoke Testing

CTE has a wealth of experience and understands that recognised standards are not always available for specialist testing. CTE can develop test methods for bespoke component or coupon testing, including bespoke fixture design and manufacture.

Product Evaluation Services

CTE can provide advice on product improvements such as:

  • Teardown of full size components for first article inspection or product quality assessment purposes
  • Failure Analysis of components for test verification purposes

Consultancy Services

You can draw on our extensive experience with composite materials and components by using our consultancy services for the manufacturing / testing of composite components / materials












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