Testing & evaluation services for composite,
adhesives and components

Welcome to Composite Test & Evaluation Testing Services

We provide testing & evaluation services for composite, adhesives and components in the uk and throughout the world.

Well equipped testing services

We are a well equipped test facility offering a wide range of testing and evaluation services for composite, adhesive and other non-metallic materials and components.

Experienced testing & evaluation

We have been performing testing and evaluation of non metallic materials and components for over ten years in a wide variety of  industries and therefore understand the intricacies that come with the use of non-metallic materials compared to traditional metallic materials. We also offer a vast wealth of knowledge and experience to help you through your testing needs

Reliable and cost effective

Composite Test & Evaluation Ltd aims to offer its customers a reliable, cost effective and timely qualification of non-metallic materials.

We offer our assistance

Whether you are looking for independent evaluation of your composite components, manufacture of test specimens, end to end qualification of a particular non-metallic material, or just testing of a single batch of specimens Composite Test & Evaluation Ltd will be ready to offer our assistance.

Why use us

  • Reliable

  • Cost effective

  • Product evaluation

  • Quality standards

  • Wealth of experience

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  • Specimen Preparation and Conditioning

  • Qualification Services

  • Specialist Tests

  • Product Evaluation Services

  • Consultancy Services

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