Supporting your non-metallic material testing requirements

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Composite Test & Evaluation
Batch Testing

In-Release / Re-Life Testing of Pre-Pregs, Film, Paste Adhesive Batches and other non-metallic material

We also offer testing for the In-release / Re-life testing of composites, adhesives and other
non-metallic materials in accordance with specific material specifications.

  • Resin content by weight
  • Mass per unit area
  • Volatile content
  • Test laminate manufacture
  • Mechanical testing of flexural and ILSS specimens etc
  • Fibre volume and void content analysis of cured laminates
  • Laminate lay-up analysis
  • Offcut Polishing

Process Control Testing

We offer testing of process control specimens used for quality control of composite components during manufacture

Fast Turnaround of Batch Release and Process Control Testing

We aim to provide a fast turnaround (same day where possible) of batch release tests and process control specimens in order to ensure that our clients manufacturing schedules are maintained.

This is a particular area of our service that our current clients have found to be particularly beneficial to them.